Refrigeration unit TerraFrigo G3 S10

Refrigeration unit TerraFrigo G3 S10

Temperature mode -20…0°C
V van up to 6 m³ (freezing -20°С), up to 12 m³ (cooling 0°С)
Freon R404
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The new refrigeration unit with direct drive from a car engine for transporting any fresh and frozen products including fruits, confectionery products, flowers and pharmaceutical drugs.

Efficient refrigerator at an affordable price is an ideal solution for maintaining the quality of transported products. Stable refrigerating capacity and high efficiency for small and medium vans. High capacity. Well-thought-out design and ergonomics of the unit provide easy access to the necessary components during the maintenance of the refrigeration unit ensuring safe operation and profitably.

More powerful by 25%
compared to thr 2nd generation of refrigeration units.

Diffuser tight fit. Heat exchange area increased up to +30%. The new fans provide hot air outflow even faster.

High perfomance at peak loads.
More powerful by 25%
Copper-aluminum heat exchanger with unique SFT technology
Copper-aluminum heat exchanger with unique SFT technology

The SFT heat exchanger is specially designed for use in vehicles in various operating conditions including driving on uneven and dirt roads.

Soft tube fixation protects the refrigerator from breakdowns, downtime and, consequently, damage of products.

The heat exchanger is not affected by salts and reagents, moreover it’s more durable comparing with similar products (service life more than 10 years).

More durable and more reliable
Newly designed condenser cowl.

Reliable protection of internal components.
More durable and more reliable
The evaporator gains required temperature faster
The finned tube of the heat exchanger creates a better distribution of the freon flow. The evaporator is less affected to damage by the door opening, ensuring the safety of the transported products.

The evaporator gains required temperature faster
Effective where you need to fit more
Series with ultra-thin evaporators.

For transportation of light, but bulky goods: flowers, medicines, cakes, etc.
For online stores and delivery services.

Get the most of your free space.

Effective where you need to fit more
Improved wear resistance
Improved wear resistance

Anodized lamella is resistant to aggressive media in contact with food and is suitable for high humidity regions.

TerraFrigo refrigeration units are operated in all over the world. Our refrigerators are installed in many famous car brands: GAZ, Ford, Hyundai, Isuzu, Kamaz, and many others.

We are trusted by the largest producers of food and non-food products, transport companies, and logistics centers. .

Technical parameters

Key nodes and units

Key nodes and units

Model Overall dimensions,
maximum, mm
maximum, m
Capacitor unit TerraFrigo 867х198х506 21,4 -
Evaporative unit TerraFrigo 730х128х550 19 -
Control unit Eliwell ID-974 (Italy) 74х32х60 -

Front protection: IP65

Accuracy: above 0.5% of the measuring range

Resolution: 1 °C

Compressor TerraFrigo 5H11 - 7,9

Productivity: 108 cm3/rev

Maximum speed: 6,000 rpm

Power consumption: 40 watts



HFC R-404а

Chlorine content: 0%

Ozone depletion potential: 0%

Refrigerating capacity At temperature + 30 °С and t into van:
0°С: 1810 watts
-20°С: 864 watts
Air productivity

Evaporator fan performance with respect to HE resistance.: 800 m3/h

Power supply from the vehicle electrical system.

Voltage: 12/24 volt

 D.C.: 22/11 ampere

Hot gas thawing

automatic and manual mode

Recommendations for the selection of the unit

Van capacity:

t in the van 0°С: 12 m3

t in the van -20°С: 6 m3

Recommendations for the selection of the unit: the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the van body is not higher than 0.4 W/m2*°C and ambient temperature + 30 °C.

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more than 100 machines of various types

Up to 3-year warranty

and quality control at each production stage

Favorable conditions

for bulk, corporate and regular customers

Reliable dealers throughout Russia and the CIS

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