TFGuard® corrosion-resistant coating

TFGuard® corrosion-resistant coating

The highly efficient TFGuard® coating extends the life of the heat exchange equipment, ensures its consistently high performance in aggressive environments, as well as significant cost savings for maintenance and operation.

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Advantages of TF Guard® coating

6000 hours corrosion resistance (salt spray tests)


UV protection


Chemical resistance


40 μm Layer thickness does not affect air flow


Does not reduce performance


500-hour sea water test


Germicidal protection

Unique production technique.

The special TFGuard® siloxane coating protects the heat exchange part of the equipment, manifold and housing from the destructive substances.

TFGuard® coating is applicable to Cu/Cu (copper/copper) and Al/Cu (aluminum/copper) heat exchangers.

TFGuard® complies with MCHE industry standards.
Уникальная методика производства
6000-hour test in a salt fog chamber.

The anticorrosion coating passed the corrosion test according to ASTM B-117 and 500-hour sea water test.

TFGuard® corrosion-resistant coating

TerraFrigo Plant offers various types of protective coatings for heat exchangers depending on the conditions of exposure and operation - water-absorbing, water-repellent or antibacterial coating.

Multi-layer siloxane coating.

The coating technology includes a multi- layer siloxane component that can withstand the hardest service conditions including wastewater and operating on offshore oil rigs.

As a topcoat (mastic primer), a multi-level siloxane coating eliminates corrosion of collectors, tube sheets, compressors and pallets throughout the service lifetime of the equipment.

This coating and its application technique are the best among similar solutions.

Electrostatic production coating.

The heat exchanger is coated with an elastic cationic epoxy electrostatic coating evenly applied to all metal surfaces.

 The process of electrostatic deposition provides a complete uniform coating of the heat exchanger conductive surfaces with a 0.6-1.2 mm (15-25 μm) dry film.

The degree of corrosion susceptibility is checked using labeled aluminum test samples in the 6000-hour test in salt fog according to ASTM B117-90.

After applying electrostatic coating, an upper black coating of 2K polyurethane is sprayed onto the heat exchanger to prevent the destruction of the epoxy electrostatic film under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Polyurethane coating without organic volatile substances.

Self-leveling polyurethane coating for pallets and utility water tanks for hygienic and anti-corrosion purposes. The properties obtained exceed the stainless-steel parameters.

TFGuard® anti-corrosion coating is used at many facilities: oil refineries, drilling platforms, poultry farms, marine transport, sewage treatment plants, facilities located in the coastal zone or extreme climatic conditions.

You need TFGuard® coating if:

  • You have an issue of equipment corrodes
  • You are worried about the durability of climate systems in maritime transport
  • You want to use advanced protection technology
  • You regularly spend time and material resources on replacing corroded heat exchangers
  • You have downtime due to equipment repair
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