Food production

The quality of food for the consumer plays a decisive role in current market conditions. The objective of TerraFrigo equipment is to preserve the freshness and quality of products at all stages: from production to store shelves. We offer both universal and individual solutions for cooling, storage and transportation of food.

Food retailing

Using TerraFrigo products helps keeping product’s appearance, preserving the benefits and taste, increasing the shelf life of goods. Properly selected heat exchange equipment is the key to maintaining the quality of products, which means the profitability of your business, regardless of whether it is a hypermarket or a small store.TerraFrigo refrigeration units will help ensure "fresh" delivery.
We have effective and profitable solutions for various retail sectors: food, chilled drinks and flowers.


The TerraFrigo Plant offers complete solutions for logistics centers and companies. TerraFrigo refrigeration systems maintain the required temperature in the areas and storage chambers: from deep-frozen meat and fish products to fruits and vegetables .

TerraFrigo refrigeration units for cars of various sizes will ensure the delivery of products at different stages of distribution: to the supermarket chain or to the end consumer.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Chemical and pharmaceutical production requires strict adherence to accuracy and reliability. TerraFrigo heat exchange equipment is a guarantee of performance and compliance with the required temperature conditions, as well as ensuring reliability for the efficient implementation of production and technological processes.
Transportation of pharmaceutical drugs and various chemicals also require strict adherence to standards. Cooling and heating modes of TerraFrigo refrigeration units make transportation in different external temperature conditions possible.


Cooling systems in complex plants often play a key role. Therefore, it is extremely important to optimize processes in terms of energy efficiency and resource saving. The TerraFrigo Plant produces equipment for cooling air and water, as well as heat exchangers for ventilation systems. In addition to standard lines of air coolers, condensers and cooling towers, we can offer individual solutions adapted to your requirements.

Passenger transportation

Today, a comfortable climate in the vehicle is a must, especially in hot environment. Air conditioning in your vehicle will help you to get not only a competitive advantage, but also the loyalty of your passengers and employees. The TerraFrigo Plant manufactures high-performance air conditioning system for most car brands, and air conditioning systems on individual projects.

Agricultural industry

The TerraFrigo Plant is a recognized expert in the production of air conditioners for agricultural vehicles. We have been developing and manufacturing air conditioners for the well-known brands of tractors and combine harvesters for over 16 years: MTZ, KhTZ , Kirovets , Rostselmash and others. Our air conditioners gain the set temperature faster and can work even in the most extreme hot conditions.

Production and processing

Operating on highly competitive market, processing enterprises have to look for more optimized and cost-effective solutions. The TerraFrigo Plant provides integrated and customized solutions for your business. We produce heat exchangers, air coolers and cooling towers for enterprises of any scale. And we strive to ensure that our equipment helps to solve your problems as efficiently as possible.

Commercial real estate

TerraFrigo equipment ensures the smooth operation of building supply systems. High-performance dry coolers are not only efficient but also energy-saving. The standard line includes 22 models of cooling towers suitable for various requirements and operating conditions.
We also offer individual development and production of cooling towers, heaters and other heat exchangers..

Facility design and construction

We design and manufacture equipment for a large number of different industries: food, processing, construction, agriculture, transport, retail and many others. The TerraFrigo Plant offers efficient, reliable and safe equipment for each industry that solves specific tasks and saves resources. TerraFrigo products comply with international ENV standards, which provides the most relevant selection. Individual solutions for objects of any scale will help to implement any ideas.

In-house production

total area of more than 16,000 m2

High quality equipment

more than 100 machines of various types

Up to 3-year warranty

and quality control at each production stage

Favorable conditions

for bulk, corporate and regular customers

Reliable dealers throughout Russia and the CIS

will perform high-quality installation and maintenance

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