Air evaporator TF2E 35.1.В.40

Air evaporator TF2E 35.1.В.40

SC2 power, kW: 3,96
Number of fans: 1
Fan diameter, mm: 350
Fin spacing, mm: 4
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TerraFrigo dual-flow air evaporators are actively used for providing and maintaining optimal temperatures in retail and warehouse premises, laboratories, production shops of food and other industries.

It is probably the most compact air evaporator on the market, which allows accommodating more products, maintaining high performance, better air flow distribution and the required temperature conditions. Powerful and compact air evaporator for solving difficult climatic problems.

Powerful and compact air evaporator for solving difficult climatic problems.

Guaranteed performance
Guaranteed performance
Copper-aluminum heat exchanger of its in-house production is a guarantee of reliable and stable operation of the unit. Optimal fin thickness in combination with innovative pipe finning technology ensures the required performance. The unique internal surface of the finned tube creates a better distribution of the freon flow and thereby increases the air cooler productivity by 15% comparing with similar products.
Calculations of the required power are checked by a special software module. Calculation error ≤ 1%
Each unit undergoes strict control of quality control department for 100% air-tightness.
Reliability of work for the entire period of operation
SFT technology protects the heat exchanger from abrasion, eliminates the risk of premature equipment failure, downtime and loss of profit.
Reliability of work for the entire period of operation
Robust galvanized steel casing
It protects units from the environment exposure and ensures silent operation. Maximum resistance to vibration and silent operation. All units are protected from aggressive environments: moisture, salts, acids.
Does not require special care.
Robust galvanized steel casing
Simple installation and maintenance
Convenient access to the internal elements of the unit through side doors and a hinged tray simplifies the process of maintenance and installation and protects the air cooler from unauthorized intervention.
Stable cooling performance
The use of highly efficient fans provides high efficiency, long service life and safe operation of the equipment.
Silent operation and low power consumption.
Stable cooling performance
Accurate freon distribution
The liquid distributor is designed to guarantee maximum heat exchanger performance under various conditions. The distributor provides constant and stable operation of the air cooler and allows performing defrosting less frequently.
TerraFrigo dual-flow air evaporators are used in all over the world.
We are trusted by the largest producers of food and non-food products, logistics centers, manufacturing enterprises.

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