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Transport refrigerating systems

Heat exchange equipment

Refrigerating equipment: production and sale

TerraFrigo company was engaged in the production and sale of refrigerating equipment for the past 14 years: heat-exchange systems, refrigerating units, air conditioners for vehicle, and special heat-exchange equipment of its own brand.

Since 2009, the company successfully develops the production of the heat-exchanging equipment: heat water coils, air-coolers, condensers and evaporators, compressor-condenser units, dry coolers.

Due to the high quality of refrigeratory products, modern production technology, powerful production base, presence of Design Bureau within the plant, the brand "TerraFrigo" is widely known in Russia and CIS countries. We are constantly expanding our dealer network for everyone can buy the necessary heat-exchanging and refrigerating equipment of high quality at affordable prices.

Quality Policy

Company Limited «TerraFrigo» is one of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of modern transport refrigerating systems, heat-exchangesystems, air conditioners for vehicle of the brand "ТЕRRA FRIGO", as well as heat-exchanging equipment for systems of ventilation, heating, and industrial cold.

Our company is well aware of the importance of maintaining high standards and strives to meet the needs of our customers. We are focused on the reliability of partnership relations, mutually beneficial cooperation, and we are aimed at achieving high results.

Our mission 

Production of heat-exchanging equipment, that is provides comfortable temperature and safety of human life.

Our strategic goal

Increase market share and market expansion (deeper market penetration) at the expense of product development, production output increase, and improvement of distribution system.

Factors of success
  • strengthening and development of capacities of the enterprises for the development and creation of sophisticated and competitive products;

  • systematic study of the demands and expectations of the customers, rapid response to the changes;

  • executive decision-making based on real facts;

  • timely supply of products and services throughout the entire period of operation, developing a network of dealer and service centres;

  • use of components and materials of domestic and foreign production with the best technical characteristics;

  • use of efficient technologies and modern equipment;

  • active involvement of business partners and development of relations with them on the basis of mutual cooperation and trust.

  • creating favourable conditions for labour and professional growth of employees, recognizing their contribution to the company's achievements.

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