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About TerraFrigo

TerraFrigo company – a modern Russian enterprise with its own strong industrial base and huge development potential.

TerraFrigo has the highest level of localization of production in the industry and has the greatest range of equipment among the Russian manufacturers.

Since 2004, TerraFrigo develops and produces a wide range of refrigerating, heat-exchange equipment for commercial transport, air conditioners for vehicle and heat-exchange systems under the brand "TerraFrigo".

The model range of the equipment has a unique setup with the mode of "heat-cold", which allows to maintain the temperature in the van up to + 18°C all year round.

Since 2009, TerraFrigo company successfully launched the production of heat-exchanging equipment: heaters, air-coolers, condensers, and cooling towers.

Design Bureau, modern machine park, well-built production system based on the use of automatic systems of production, excluding the impact of the human factor, allow to produce more than 100,000 of heat exchangers per year.

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Company Limited «TerraFrigo» is a modern enterprise with its own strong industrial base. Since 2004, the company is engaged in development and production of refrigerating and heating units for transport, air conditioners for vehicles and heat-exchange system under the brand "TerraFrigo". Since 2009, the company successfully develops the production of the heat-exchanging equipment – heat water coils, air-coolers, condensers and evaporators, compressor-condenser units, dry coolers.

In recent years, the range of products was greatly expanded, and the volume of production also increased. The production of TerraFrigo is well-known not only throughout Russia, but also in CIS countries. The number of the customers of our company is growing from year to year.

Serious technical and production potential of the company allows to introduce regularly the relevant modern development. And considerable experience in the production of the refrigerating and heat-exchanging equipment promotes the production of products for individual orders. The plant is equipped with different types of machines with NC (Numerical Control), modern equipment, and tools. Our significant advantage and pride – the lines of a full cycle, intended for the production of heat-exchanging equipment of various sizes.

TerraFrigo strives to meet customer demand for high-quality products of refrigerating equipment. Therefore, all the refrigerating and heat-exchanging equipment is regularly checked for compliance with the requirements of customers, resulting in its regular improvement. The company's specialists are searching for internal reserves to reduce production costs and to improve production technology. In addition, we assemble equipment and provide its technical support.

Company Limited «TerraFrigo»has its own dealer network, which includes more than 90 sale and service centres. Dealerships can be found not only in Russia, but also in CIS countriesand other countries. There are enough manufacturers of refrigerating equipment, but not all of them care about their customers.

Our advantages are:

  • own production
  • focus on mutually beneficial cooperation
  • quality of products
  • flexible pricing policy
  • continuous improvement of production technologies


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