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Refrigeration units

TerraFrigo produces wide range of refrigerators for foreign and domestic commercial vehicles. TerraFrigo refrigerating units for cars are designed to the specifics of different types of roads and work efficiently even in the toughest conditions at any time of the year.

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Refrigerating Units

TerraFrigo offers You to buy refrigerating units for the transportation of any refrigerated and frozen products. Our refrigerating units meet international standards, ensure maintenance of required temperature regime.

TerraFrigo company uses advanced technology and strict control of each technological operation in its production. When we install the refrigerator on the car, You can be sure that You use the high-quality equipment. Nice nuance –due to the production optimization, the price for refrigerating units is affordable for most customers.

TerraFrigo produces serial refrigerating units and also performs orders for refrigerating units with individual project characteristics.

Advantages of TerraFrigo refrigerating system:

  • Certified refrigerating unit, able to operate in the "heat-cold" regime..
  • Flat evaporator and a modern condensing unit, due to which even fully loaded refrigerating unit provides optimal air flow while You are driving the car and during its standstill.
  • Electronic remote allows the driver to remotely control and monitor the operation of the refrigerator without leaving the salon. The remote is placed in any location, convenient for the driver, which guarantees a comfortable access and an opportunity for rapid adjustment of temperature.
  • Operation safety – installation of the refrigerator on the car does not affect the current settings and handling of the car.
  • Increased durability – during design development, the engineers of TerraFrigo Plant take into account the specifics of Russian roads. As a result, our refrigerating units for cars have a long operating time, large period between repairs, which greatly increases their profitability.
  • Warranty on the refrigerators corresponds to the European standards and is 2 years.
  • Environmental safety. We comply with the requirements of the International Convention for the protection of the ozone layer – the proposed equipment is operating with refrigerating medium, not containing chlorine.
  • An extensive dealer network, which covers all Russian regions and CIS countries. Due to availability of service, installation of refrigerator does not complicate operation of the car.
  • Competitive prices on the entire model range.
  • Custom order – TerraFrigo Plant assists in specific tasks and develops equipment with the required customer specifications.

Specifications of TerraFrigo Refrigerating Units

Features of refrigerator Series A Series S Series SP
Maintained temperature in the van From +1°C to +17°C From 0°C to -20°C * From +18°C to -20°C
Ambient temperature From +4°C to +40°C From 0°C to +40°C From -20°C to +40°C
Mode of operation Cooling Cooling Heating and cooling
Internal volume of the van from 4 m3 to 25 m3 from 6 m3 to 50 m3 from 6 m3 to 50 m3
Required coefficient of heat conductivity of walls of the van 0.4 W/sq.m.*°C 0.4 W/sq.m.*°C 0.4 W/sq.m.*°C
Products for transportation any chilled products, including fruit and vegetables any frozen products Chilled products, frozen products, including fruits, pastries, flowers, medicines.

*In the summer, the unit can support above-zero temperature in the van.

**All information, concerning the technical features, availability in stock, value of the items, is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is not a public offer, defined by positions of Article 437(2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Installation of refrigerators on the vehicle

Due to the wide model range, installation of TerraFrigo refrigerator is possible on commercial cars of all relevant domestic and foreign brands. This is, for example, waggons and vans, trucks of Hyundai, Ford, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, etc.

When choosing a refrigerating unit for installation on a truck, You should consider the volume of cargo compartment and cargo type.

You can purchase refrigerating units across the Russian Federation and also shipping worldwide to different countries. Feel free to contact us. We are glad to cooperate!

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