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Conditioning system for commercial vehicles

"TerraFrigo" Company produces a wide range of air conditioners for commercial vehicles. Air conditioners are suitable for installation in passenger cars, buses, vans and trucks both domestic and foreign production.

TerraFrigo car air-conditioners can be installed in specialized service centers. To check the price on the air conditioner for a vehicle, fill the inquiry by email or call our Export Manager.

Direction of the air flow
The number of passenger seats

Car A/C systems

"TerraFrigo" Company produces air conditioners for different categories of vehicles. We offer our air conditioners for installation in cars, buses, agricultural and special vehicles. The use of modern air-conditioning equipment by "TerraFrigo" is a guarantee of ideal microclimate in the cabin.

It is known that the most favorable temperature and humidity for the driver lies in a specific range. When these indicators deviate from the norm, the physical fatigue occurs faster, reactions are slowing down, problems with driving occur more often. That is why car air conditioning is not just a wish for comfort, but an important factor of driver safety and general safety on the road.

Advantages of the TerraFrigo air conditioners

With the correct choice TerraFrigo’s A/C guarantees that you get optimal temperature and humidity conditions in the driver’s and passenger cabins and demonstrates following advantages:

  • Maximum reliability. In the production process stepwise quality control is held.
  • Components of leading world manufacturers are used.
  • Environmental safety. All air-conditioning equipment of the production of the “TerraFrigo” works with refrigerants that do not contain chlorine.
  • According to the individual orders, we can design and produce conditioner for car of any brand and model in fast time.
  • Warranty obligation. Warranty period 1 year for all models of air conditioners.
  • The quality and standards confirmed by quality certificates.

Installation services of air conditioners

We offer you to buy air conditioning for cars Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen, ISUZU, Hyundai, Peugeot, Renault, Foton, Iveco, Mitsubishi. The managers of the “TerraFrigo” will help you in the selection and installation of equipment on vehicles, which are already equipped with air conditioning system (for repairs or improvements) and on the vehicles, in which the air conditioning system is not provided by the manufacturer.

Installation of regular air conditioners
Due to its compact size, TerraFrigo conditioning system does not take too much space in the cabin during the installation. Evaporators are installed in the normal heating system. Capacitors are mounted in front of the radiator of the cooling system. The compressors are installed on the engine.

Models of air conditioners, which are designed for regular installation, have an optimum power for truck cabs and for passenger cars with a capacity up to 5 people. They are optimal for cars Fiat Ducato, Fiat Ducato Sollers, Mitsubishi Fuso, Hyundai HD 170, Hyundai HD 120, Hyundai HD 78, KAMAZ, Isuzu NQR, etc.

Installation of roof-top air conditioners
A powerful roof-top car air conditioning allows you to lower the temperature quickly in large truck cabs, cool the spacious cabins of vans. The condenser unit is mounted on the roof of the car. There are several evaporators that provide cold air. The car air conditioners are for Ford Transit, Maxus, Fiat Ducato, MB Sprinter, VW Crafter-50, HD County, tractors Kirovets, KhTZ and MTZ, harvesters Niva and Don-1500, forklifts and similar equipment.

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