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Transport refrigerating systems

TerraFrigo company produces refrigerating systems and heat-exchange equipment, air conditioners for commercial transport, air conditioners for agricultural and special vehicles.

The equipment is fully adapted to the conditions of the different climate, allowing you to use equipment throughout the different climate zones – from the hottest to the coldest regions.

Wide Range of Equipment

TerraFrigo refrigerating units for cars and air conditioners are suitable to install in all vehicles of domestic and foreign manufacturers. You can purchase a refrigerating unit for the car trough our Export Managers.

Refrigerating units take into account the specifics of different road conditions.

All components and refrigerating units generally have a high resistance to wear, which in conditions of low quality of roads and different weather conditions ensures high performance.

The possibility of developing custom refrigerating units

We try to adapt our refrigerating units for all new models of cars and vehicles. But there are times when it is necessary to install equipment on a special or rare machine, then, it is possible to develop customized models.

Refrigerating units and air conditioners

TerraFrigo manufactures high-efficiency compressor refrigerating units, heat-exchange systems and air conditioners for cars and special equipment, adapted to the conditions of the different climate.

TerraFrigo  is working in this area for more than 10 years. The company occupies a leading position on the market of transport cold and produces reliable refrigerating equipment (refrigerating units, air conditioners), which are in high demand.

Using components of world manufacturers in its production, the plant produces refrigerating units, which can be favourably compared to most of its counterparts with its excellent performance and optimal design that eliminates frequent repairs and unplanned maintenance.

The model range is quite wide. The equipment is designed with the latest technology and advanced solutions of foreign producers, therefore, has a high capacity. Also, the model range has a unique refrigerating and heating units with the capability to work all year round.

Air conditioners and refrigerating units are successfully installed on those vehicles, which were not equipped with them previously. Owners of vehicles, originally equipped with refrigerating devices in the factory, have the possibility of substituting it with more advanced equipment from TerraFrigo.

Products of TerraFrigo – a clear demonstration of what a modern compressor refrigerating unit, its price and flexibility of installation should be like.

С.Ltd. TerraFrigo has a wide dealer network in Russian Federation and now develops international relations for different countries and constantly develops it, attracting qualified and professional experts in the field of transport cold to enable everyone to acquire the equipment in their region and also to maintain it in the future. Each dealer has a permanent stock of spare parts and a set that easily allows to perform a quick repair of the equipment without downtime of the transport.

TerraFrigo company does not stop on the achieved success and is in step with the times, optimizing production and maintaining prices on refrigeratory equipment at a competitive level.
Long-term practice shows that the refrigerating units of TerraFrigo – the ideal solution for the most difficult tasks. Qualified specialists are always ready to provide our Clients complete technical and information support.

For more information about our refrigerating units outside of Russia, please, contact Export manager of TerraFrigo by phone: +7 985 644 14 88

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