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    «TerraFrigo» Company produces air-cooled condensers for refrigerating machines, air conditioning systems and air cooling.
    You can buy the air condenser directly from the manufacturer . To check the price on condenser for refrigeration, fill the inquiry by email or call our Export Manager.


  • Fans diameter, mm from 350 to 630
  • Fans from 1 to 5
  • Heating capacity, kW from 4,5 to 252,9
  • Air flow, м³/h from 2 000 to 85 000
  • Surface of heat exchange, m² from 8,08 to 561,64
For information about buying condensers, please contact
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  • Heating capacity

    up to 1,5 MWt

    at development under

    the individual order 

  • Diffusers size 

    up to 910 mm

    at development under

    the individual order

  • Length up to 9 m

  • Savings up to 79%

    In comparison with

    foreign analogues


Air condensers

“TerraFrigo” company produces air-cooled condensers, which are in high demand at the domestic and in CIS countries market. Condensers of this type are the most important components of refrigerating machinery and conditioning systems.

Offering to buy refrigeration condenser, we ensure that it is tested for tightness and strength, is certified and meets the necessary requirements and standards.

Structurally, the air condenser is a tubular-lamellar heat exchanger, which is equipped with fan units. During operation, the fan directed air flows through tubes, in which the refrigerant circulates.

The advantages of air-cooled condensers

The standard model range includes air-cooled condensers in a wide range of capacities and diameters of the fans. An important feature: the use of fans together with the diffuser increases the quality of the cooling. We want to draw your attention to other advantages, which are typical for capacitors made by “TerraFrigo”:

  • Finned tubes greatly increase the heat exchange efficiency.
  • Technology, which is providing soft hold tube sheets, even in strong vibration equipment eliminates the chafing of the tubes places them in contact with the lamella.
  • Optimal shape and location of the refrigeration tubes provide the highest performance of the condenser under continuous operation for a long time.
  • Each air condenser is tested for internal pressure up to 30 bar.
  • Specialists of “TerraFrigo” will develop and produce a refrigerant condenser according to your individual order.
  • The “TerraFrigo” condensers are compatible with compressors of domestic and foreign production.
  • Compact dimensions, modern design.

To buy an air condenser

You can always purchase an air condenser at a reasonable price and to ensure reliable cold for food processing companies and catering facilities, warehouses and stores, offices and public buildings. You must know that before delivery the condenser mandatory purged with an inert gas (usually dry air) at a pressure of 1,2 bar and above.
To buy “TerraFrigo” refrigeration condenser and order the necessary equipment, you need to fill the inquiry by email or call our Export Manager.

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