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News 2018

02 October


Since September 20 till September 27, 2018, Hannover (Germany) hosted the largest international exhibition dedicated to commercial vehicles «IAA Commercial Vehicles».

In total, the exhibition featured 2,174 exhibits from 48 countries. On an area of over 282,000 square meters, 435 world premieres were announced.

Among the booths devoted to refrigeration and car air conditioners, the products and modern designs of the TerraFrigo were presented. A stylishly and technically designed booth and original souvenirs attracted the views of visitors from different countries.

Global trends and development of major international players dictate the direction of development and keep in good shape the whole industry. TerraFrigo is on the right track and not in vain considered to be the most promising and advanced transport refrigeration manufacturer in Russia.

As a result of the exhibition, more than 100 contacts of potential customers and partners from America, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Northern and Western Europe were received, with some of them active negotiations are already under way and the first deliveries of equipment are being discussed.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth. See you at IAA 2020!

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