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News 2018

12 November

TerraFrigo received the CE certificate of conformity

TerraFrigo refrigerators and air conditioners have successfully passed compliance tests of  European Standards for safety, health and environmental protection and received the CE certificate of conformity.

CE is the abbreviation of the French Conformité Européenne, which means "European conformity". This marking on the product confirms that the products really meet all the requirements of the European Union and it is confirmed by real tests.

In 2018, TerraFrigo has also received the status of "Russian Exporter" and now is actively developing export of transport refrigeration equipment to Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

TERRA FRIGO -1 EMC-001.jpgTERRA FRIGO -1-001.jpgTERRA FRIGO -2 EMC-001.jpgTERRA FRIGO -2-001.jpg

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